Welcome (Back) to WADA

Welcome to the new blog/website for the Washington Attorneys with Disabilities Association.   This space is dedicated to building a vibrant community of legal professionals with disabilities in Washington and beyond.   WADA-Web is also a platform for constructive dialogue with th larger legal and diversity community and for establishing WADA as a truly effective minority bar association.


  1. It looks like this is a totally new idea. I’ve been looking for forum to discuss disability and lawyering for a long time. The OSB has nothing right now.
    There are so many issues to discuss from how to run a successful practice with constant interruptions from your body and your doctors to client perception so available resources…..the list goes on and on. I came down with MS and stopped practicing. Would love to talk with others about how to reinvent yourself as a practicing lawyer.

    1. Hi — Glad you found us. We’re just getting this group off the ground again. There is also a national group that is being started up by folks that were actively involved in the National Association of Law Students with Disabilities. I’ve always had a disability, but I can still identifyiy with reinventing yourself — I spent just shy of a dozen years in private practice with large law firms and am just closing in on 3 years after reinventing myself as in-house counsel. What sort of law do you practice?

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