Immigrants with Disabilities

There are various laws and regulations that protect individuals with mental and psychological disabilities, including immigration law.  Many immigrants fear that they may not be entitled to or eligible for citizenship if they disclose that they have a mental or psychological disability.  However, the fact that an immigrant suffers from a mental or psychological disability alone does not bar them from citizenship.  INS have also considered cases where there is a combination of disabilities (e.g. mental disabilities coupled with hearing impairment).  If you know of or represent someone who may have a mental or psychological disability or combination of disabilities with a pending civic test, please contact INS immediately because the immigrant may be entitled to a waiver.

We welcome the opportunity for legal professionals who sought similar waivers to share their experience (e.g. advantages and challenges).  Such information will also us to further assist individuals within our respective communities.

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Immigration & Employment Attorney in the Greater Seattle area. Love running 1/2 marathons, volunteering, and public interest work.

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