HIV/AIDS Employment and Health Status Discrimination

As a nation we have made great strides to increase knowledge and information amongst the populace concerning HIV/AIDS, however, there are still instances where people with HIV are denied or discriminated against due to their disability or health status.[1]


Both the ACLU and U.S. Department of Justice are taken measures to challenge both government and private discrimination against people with HIV.  In July 2010, President Obama announced the “National HIV/AIDS Strategy”[2] which aims to reduce not only health disparities but discrimination amongst people living with HIV.[3]  In addition, it hopes to reduce the number of new HIV infections by 2015.[4]


I think the National HIV/AIDS Strategy is a great attempt but as research shows, HIV drug resistant may occur if individuals fail or forget to take their tablet mediation regimens.[5]  HIV drug resistant may make the National HIV/AIDS Strategy more difficult to achieve its 2015 goal.  Some of the new HIV prevention pills, such as Truvada, still have serious side effects including kidney failure.[6]  Others use Gilead’s Quad pill, which is one pill that combines the Truvada, Sustiva, Bristol-Myers and Squibb drugs.[7]  A determination concerning FDA approval for the QUID pill is expected in August 2012.


What are your thoughts about the goals set for 2015?  Are there any concerns pertaining to the QUID pill?  What problems do you foresee with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy to prohibit employment discrimination and promote access to health care?


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