WADA WSBA Joint Event

We are having a fifth annual joint event with the Washington State Bar Association.

Disability Discrimination During the Pandemic

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020

3 to 4 p.m.

View full program schedule and faculty.
(link to registration)
For accessibility or accommodation requests, or other questions, please email cle@wsba.org or call 206-443-9722 (toll free: 800-945-9722).
accommodations number 206-443-9722 or toll free 800-945-9722

The pandemic has exposed and exacerbated inequalities, societal attitudes, and practices that discriminate against and devalue people who have or are perceived to have disabilities. Decisions based on stereotypes about an individual’s disability and assumptions about another’s quality of life are dangerous, especially in healthcare. Resource allocation, standards of care, and even medical rationing and triage protocols can be negatively affected by incorrect assumptions.

In this fifth annual diversity event developed by the WSBA and the Washington Attorneys with Disabilities Association, a panel of experts will explore disability ethics, discuss ableism and equitable practices, and talk about respect for disability culture and ways to align with the disability justice movement during the coronavirus pandemic.

Join us for a post-CLE reception from 4 to 5 p.m.!

A virtual reception with members of the Washington Attorneys with Disabilities Association will follow the webinar.

Remote Participant Information:

Link to access the Zoom meeting: https://wsba.zoom.us/j/97275522604?pwd=dWpBaTBXdVp6b3BHU2xwQVdxMlZGZz09

Zoom Conference Call Lines: LOCAL OPTION: (253) 215-8782 || TOLL-FREE OPTION: (888) 788-0099

Meeting ID: 972 7552 2604 || Passcode: 051483

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